Yes, I am STILL here

I obviously am so nervous about this blogging thing that I am struggling to get started. I have a huge knowledge void on how to get the ideas, photos, outside inspiration from there (wherever it is) to here! I have had many thoughts and there are some fun things I am looking forward to sharing with you, like:
* Doors I have decorated for Teacher & Staff Appreciation
* Fun little notes I made for a retreat I went on with my Sit n Chat friends
* Redo of a hanging cork/chalkboard/wall file using my loved Doodlebug products
* A Valentines Day Sweet Treats Candy Store I did for a family Valentines’ party
* The idea of sending love via mail or delivering personally once every day for a year
* Redo of a store-bought organizer using beloved Doodlebug products
* Ideas I have used to say Thank You to my fellow PTA Board members
* My version of an O”fish”ally the Best! treat
As you can see from my list I do have things I want to share and I WILL as soon as my courage increases, my knowledge grows and I begin!


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