A Little “Happy Mail”

I wanted to send my own bit of “Happy Mail” to a incredibly talented person at Doodlebug. Saying thanks for a fabulous day there back in May was a pleasure for me to get to do!!

It is easy peasy to make a cute card faster than you can say Doodlebug using the Create-A-Card products!  Simply pick one and add some cute tidbits from any of their product lines and there you go!  I used 2 pieces from the Sugar & Spice creative cuts, a fancy frill, some twine, and a brad.  It all coordinated very well if I do say so myself.  But the best part is that inside was a hand-written note expressing my thanks and my delight in my Doodlebug visit in May.  The event was National Scrapbooking day and what a FUN day it was!  I sure hope it is in the plans for the upcoming year!!:)


Daisies Brighten My Day

Found this daisy embossed paper from Doodlebug – I knew I could make something beautiful with it!

One day my children and I were at Savers when I came across this way cool white message center. The top half was padded for push pins to go in and the bottom half was a magnetic chalkboard.  For the top half I remembered the daisy embossed paper I had come across and thought I could use that to cover up the top half.  It is currently being held on with yellow headed straight pins since the double stick tape I used did not quite do the trick.  I used all Doodlebug products to “Cute” this part up and to express the delight I find in Daisies!! The big flower in the upper corner is a Doodlepop I found that matched perfectly.  I used brads, buttons, icons, and fancy frills to add to it.  I also used yellow chalk to color on some of the embossed daisies and draw attention to them.  I am so pleased with how it turned out and this is one Beautiful thing that totally brightens up my life!

Sewing Table Drawer Makeover

The drawer of my sewing table is not to big – about 2 3/4″ by 15″ in the space I filled in with scraps in order to make it look sort of patchwork “quilt”y.  And I used some of the fancy frills to cover up the line where my scraps did not completely match up.  And for the knob on the drawer I put a button icon on it.  I used Mod Podge to put all pieces on and then I went over the whole thing with it to finish it off.  If you look closely you can see the spools of thread border, the measuring tape border, and green scalloped border.  Using Doodlebug products to “cute” things up sure does make me smile! Both when I make it and then again every time I see it!

So in my desire to create a beautiful place for me to craft in I grabbed some Doodlebug Products. I used some 12 by 12 paper, fancy frills, and icons to give the drawer front a makeover. Here is how it turned out.

Tole Painted Daisies Candle Box

Years ago a good friend of mine suggested we try tole painting.  The first project we did was a wood candle box – we used mine as a pencil/pen holder.  I was thrilled to discover that the first project had daisies simply because they are beautiful and make me happy.  I decided after all these years to take a photograph of it and share how I learned new painting skills while making something beautiful for my home!

When I learned to tole paint years ago guess what I wanted to paint first? Yep, you guessed it! Daisies

Beautiful Things Notebook

All right – so here we go.  I am ready to do this blogging thing! I even made a notebook so I can plan what I will blog about.  I made it using my beloved Doodlebug Products that I had and cuted it up! (Or made it beautiful – which is the point and the goal of my blog)  I used a regular spiral notebook.  Measured the front to cut my cover piece to fit and then I used the Hello Spring line of Doodlebug products that matched each other to make it beautiful & fun.  It is so easy to use a theme set from Doodlebug because they have cute cuts, icons, 12 by 12 paper, fancy frills and more that coordinate and make it so fun to create something with!

My Plan to make Beautiful Things & Blog about it