Tole Painted Daisies Candle Box

Years ago a good friend of mine suggested we try tole painting.  The first project we did was a wood candle box – we used mine as a pencil/pen holder.  I was thrilled to discover that the first project had daisies simply because they are beautiful and make me happy.  I decided after all these years to take a photograph of it and share how I learned new painting skills while making something beautiful for my home!

When I learned to tole paint years ago guess what I wanted to paint first? Yep, you guessed it! Daisies


3 thoughts on “Tole Painted Daisies Candle Box

  1. I know tole painting is not really used anymore, but this is really cute. And you are very talented. I was a total dud with it so it’s a good thing for me. All my stuff seriously looked like a joke when I was done. lol I even ruined eyes. And those SEEMED fairly easy.

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