Daisies Brighten My Day

Found this daisy embossed paper from Doodlebug – I knew I could make something beautiful with it!

One day my children and I were at Savers when I came across this way cool white message center. The top half was padded for push pins to go in and the bottom half was a magnetic chalkboard.  For the top half I remembered the daisy embossed paper I had come across and thought I could use that to cover up the top half.  It is currently being held on with yellow headed straight pins since the double stick tape I used did not quite do the trick.  I used all Doodlebug products to “Cute” this part up and to express the delight I find in Daisies!! The big flower in the upper corner is a Doodlepop I found that matched perfectly.  I used brads, buttons, icons, and fancy frills to add to it.  I also used yellow chalk to color on some of the embossed daisies and draw attention to them.  I am so pleased with how it turned out and this is one Beautiful thing that totally brightens up my life!

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