A Little “Happy Mail”

I wanted to send my own bit of “Happy Mail” to a incredibly talented person at Doodlebug. Saying thanks for a fabulous day there back in May was a pleasure for me to get to do!!

It is easy peasy to make a cute card faster than you can say Doodlebug using the Create-A-Card products!  Simply pick one and add some cute tidbits from any of their product lines and there you go!  I used 2 pieces from the Sugar & Spice creative cuts, a fancy frill, some twine, and a brad.  It all coordinated very well if I do say so myself.  But the best part is that inside was a hand-written note expressing my thanks and my delight in my Doodlebug visit in May.  The event was National Scrapbooking day and what a FUN day it was!  I sure hope it is in the plans for the upcoming year!!:)

2 thoughts on “A Little “Happy Mail”

  1. That day was such a blast, I’m glad you could go with me! Sorry I haven’t got the pictures to you yet, you could have included the one if you a d Cynthea together on this post! I hope they do it again too! Darling card!

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