Appreciation Matters! Day 2

For today’s appreciation idea I wanted to show how I used a paper purse diecut from Pebbles in my Pocket to hold some yummy Lindt truffles and make a cute thank you.  This thank you was for the Aides or Educational Support Professionals at our school.  They do many things and deserve our thanks as well.  So I found purses diecut in a cool measuring tape type patterned paper.  This gave me two words to play off of – purse, and measure.  The caption under the picture shows what I went with.  I added mini tags to label them individually for each person.  I think that adds to the value of the Thank You because it shows the receiver that the thanks were meant for her specifically.  Then any cuteness you can add – ribbons, twine, buttons, etc.  There you have taken time to make something beautiful to brighten someone else’s day!

"Purse"onally we love seeing all you do to help our students "measure" up

“Purse”onally we think it’s a real “treat” to watch you help our students “measure” up!!


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