Appreciation Matters! Day 5

"Pop"ping by to say Thank You!

“Pop”ping by to say Thank You!

Alrighty then, it is Day 5 of this series.  When I was preparing for our school’s Educational Support Professionals (Aides) Week I was in Pebbles in my Pocket trying to channel my creativity for this week of saying Thanks to some wonderful people!  I can’t say enough about spending time in this CUTE place – ideas are scattered all through the store and it really gets the “Cute” factor pumped up!  While I was there I came upon this project and the project I will be sharing tomorrow.  The design for the bag came from Pebbles but the corny saying I came up with. Popcorn sayings are among the highest used on treat notes. I have seen it used in so many ways so in this I wasn’t very original but I think the cuteness of the packaging helped it score points.

In doing this project I discovered a love for doilies – they “cute” things up very nicely.  In this case a button, and some twine didn’t hurt either, just added to the effect.  Taking some very simple elements and adding 2 or 3 of them can add up to a very cute, heartfelt Thank You!


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