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2nd Giveaway Winner!!

I am happy to present you with the winner of my second giveaway!!   I decided even though I did not make it to 15 commenters that I will still be giving the winner a $10 Cold Stone gift card along with the 5 projects.   There were 11 commenters and I used random.org to determine the winner!

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Comment # 1 was from:

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Congratulations Jamyrbz!!! Please look for an email from me so I can get the prize to you!  Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and for participating!! If you didn’t win this time – never fear – Sunny Side Projects – Takes 11- 15 will be posted in a few days with another giveaway!!  Before then, though, I am planning to do a little blurb on Back to School fun so please Stay tuned!!



Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Wow – I did my first giveaway and I am excited to share with you who the winner is.  I used Random.org to generate a winner.

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Comment 13 was:

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Congratulations Jenny !!! Please look for an email from me so I can get the prize to you!  Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and for participating!! If you didn’t win this time – never fear – Sunny Side Projects – Takes 6 – 10 will be posted soon with another giveaway!! Stay tuned!!

All Things Daisy

I thought that for my post today I would share a little about me and my love of All Things Daisy!  About 12 or 13 years ago I saw this bedding at Walmart and absolutely fell in love with it.  Over time I purchased duplicates of the sheet sets and the Comforter because I just found it so appealing for my bedroom.  After a few years of having our bed dressed in this beauty – we decided to redo our room to match the quilt.  So we spent lots of time in the paint sections of various stores until we came up with just the right hues to match.  You can see how we took the dark color  out of the quilt and painted it below the white chair rail and the lighter blue of the quilt to go above the chair rail.  My bedroom has since become a place of comfort and peace for me – I love the colors and I especially love the way I have incorporated my love for daisies into a place I love!  I hope you have a place that brings you comfort and peace and is soothing to be in because everyone needs to have their own spot!

This is the lovely place where I go to lay down my weary head!

This is the lovely place where I go to lay down my weary head!

Appreciation Matters! Day 6

You "Paws"itively make us "Smile"!

You “Paws”itively make us “Smile”!

When you are thinking up a fun way to express thanks individualize it to the person.  This treat here is an example of a treat made for our Educational Support Professionals (Aides) at our school.  Since it was for people at our school  I picked  blue & gold paper to craft this thank you out of since they are our school colors.  The play on the word “Paws” came about since our mascot is a Bengal Tiger and much of our school’s graphics displays paw prints.  I had found these simple bright yellow smiley face magnets and 2 of them fit very nicely in the paper pouch I made along with some scrunchies that were , yep – you guessed it yellow and blue.  Do you just love the wave of school spirit coming off of this here treat note?!?  By stamping a paw print and adding it as an accent I was then able to come up with my corny saying.  You “Paws”itively Make us “Smile”!!   Ta Dah a treat note with a double play on words!

Well, what you see here is what I call a “sour cream pouch”. They are really very easy to make – take a 3″ by 4″ piece of cardstock and fold it almost in half leaving about 1/2″ on one side to put adhesive on and then fold over.  Now you have a tube of sorts – at one end pinch it together and staple.   Put your items inside of stapled tube. Then take the other end of the tube and fold it the opposite way of the bottom and then staple there also.  I used my embellishments to cover up the staple.  I don’t know if these instructions make sense but soon I will do a little tutorial with pictures to show how to make it. I know sometimes it just helps to see it done to make sense.  This particular blog post is not so much about how to make this item as much as stressing the importance of a little Thank You cuteness!

Yes, I am STILL here

I obviously am so nervous about this blogging thing that I am struggling to get started. I have a huge knowledge void on how to get the ideas, photos, outside inspiration from there (wherever it is) to here! I have had many thoughts and there are some fun things I am looking forward to sharing with you, like:
* Doors I have decorated for Teacher & Staff Appreciation
* Fun little notes I made for a retreat I went on with my Sit n Chat friends
* Redo of a hanging cork/chalkboard/wall file using my loved Doodlebug products
* A Valentines Day Sweet Treats Candy Store I did for a family Valentines’ party
* The idea of sending love via mail or delivering personally once every day for a year
* Redo of a store-bought organizer using beloved Doodlebug products
* Ideas I have used to say Thank You to my fellow PTA Board members
* My version of an O”fish”ally the Best! treat
As you can see from my list I do have things I want to share and I WILL as soon as my courage increases, my knowledge grows and I begin!