Appreciation Matters! Day 6

You "Paws"itively make us "Smile"!

You “Paws”itively make us “Smile”!

When you are thinking up a fun way to express thanks individualize it to the person.  This treat here is an example of a treat made for our Educational Support Professionals (Aides) at our school.  Since it was for people at our school  I picked  blue & gold paper to craft this thank you out of since they are our school colors.  The play on the word “Paws” came about since our mascot is a Bengal Tiger and much of our school’s graphics displays paw prints.  I had found these simple bright yellow smiley face magnets and 2 of them fit very nicely in the paper pouch I made along with some scrunchies that were , yep – you guessed it yellow and blue.  Do you just love the wave of school spirit coming off of this here treat note?!?  By stamping a paw print and adding it as an accent I was then able to come up with my corny saying.  You “Paws”itively Make us “Smile”!!   Ta Dah a treat note with a double play on words!

Well, what you see here is what I call a “sour cream pouch”. They are really very easy to make – take a 3″ by 4″ piece of cardstock and fold it almost in half leaving about 1/2″ on one side to put adhesive on and then fold over.  Now you have a tube of sorts – at one end pinch it together and staple.   Put your items inside of stapled tube. Then take the other end of the tube and fold it the opposite way of the bottom and then staple there also.  I used my embellishments to cover up the staple.  I don’t know if these instructions make sense but soon I will do a little tutorial with pictures to show how to make it. I know sometimes it just helps to see it done to make sense.  This particular blog post is not so much about how to make this item as much as stressing the importance of a little Thank You cuteness!

Appreciation Matters! Day 5

"Pop"ping by to say Thank You!

“Pop”ping by to say Thank You!

Alrighty then, it is Day 5 of this series.  When I was preparing for our school’s Educational Support Professionals (Aides) Week I was in Pebbles in my Pocket trying to channel my creativity for this week of saying Thanks to some wonderful people!  I can’t say enough about spending time in this CUTE place – ideas are scattered all through the store and it really gets the “Cute” factor pumped up!  While I was there I came upon this project and the project I will be sharing tomorrow.  The design for the bag came from Pebbles but the corny saying I came up with. Popcorn sayings are among the highest used on treat notes. I have seen it used in so many ways so in this I wasn’t very original but I think the cuteness of the packaging helped it score points.

In doing this project I discovered a love for doilies – they “cute” things up very nicely.  In this case a button, and some twine didn’t hurt either, just added to the effect.  Taking some very simple elements and adding 2 or 3 of them can add up to a very cute, heartfelt Thank You!

Appreciation Matters! Day 4

You are one in a "Melon"! Thanks for planting "seeds" of healthy eating in the students of our school!

You are one in a “Melon”! Thanks for planting “seeds” of healthy eating in the students of our school!

For our Lunch Ladies Appreciation Week  I had these wooden plaques that looked like a seed packet.  I had watermelon ones so I played off of the “melon” and the idea of “seeds”.  I actually wrote the message on the back of each plaque and then put it in a cello bag with some paper scrunchies and tied with a pretty bow.  A thank you does not have to be elaborate – remember it’s the Thank You that counts.  I got these on clearance at my local craft store – keep your eyes open for things you could use for thank you’s and buy them when they are on sale.  Did you think of someone to thank – I sure hope so! And I hope your thank you is on its way to your intended receiver.!  Doesn’t it feel great to express thanks!

Appreciation Matters! Day 2

For today’s appreciation idea I wanted to show how I used a paper purse diecut from Pebbles in my Pocket to hold some yummy Lindt truffles and make a cute thank you.  This thank you was for the Aides or Educational Support Professionals at our school.  They do many things and deserve our thanks as well.  So I found purses diecut in a cool measuring tape type patterned paper.  This gave me two words to play off of – purse, and measure.  The caption under the picture shows what I went with.  I added mini tags to label them individually for each person.  I think that adds to the value of the Thank You because it shows the receiver that the thanks were meant for her specifically.  Then any cuteness you can add – ribbons, twine, buttons, etc.  There you have taken time to make something beautiful to brighten someone else’s day!

"Purse"onally we love seeing all you do to help our students "measure" up

“Purse”onally we think it’s a real “treat” to watch you help our students “measure” up!!