My Big Book of Everything

I don’t know about you but I am always making lists on this scratch piece of paper or that receipt.  I was frustrated by this so I decided to make a book to keep all my lists in.  Here is what I came up with.  I used the Fruit Stand collection of my favorite company Doodlebug to cute up a composition notebook.

I have since just started to make lists in it and I have achieved success in keeping all my lists together!!



Doodlebug Cuteness!!


I am so excited about this little bit of beautiful cuteness that I had so much fun putting together.  I wanted to showcase the mini Milk Cartons I had made so I grabbed my mini dessert platter and spools of twine, some Doodlebug Washi Tapes and buttons and pearls oh, my! Arranged it all on this doily and there you go.  I had so much using my new mini Milk Carton die that I got for Christmas.  It makes them so easy!  I cuted them up with some mini Love notes that are part of Doodlebug’s Love Birds collection.  I will come back real soon and show you more details about the milk cartons themselves!  Be back soon!

Beautiful Things Notebook

All right – so here we go.  I am ready to do this blogging thing! I even made a notebook so I can plan what I will blog about.  I made it using my beloved Doodlebug Products that I had and cuted it up! (Or made it beautiful – which is the point and the goal of my blog)  I used a regular spiral notebook.  Measured the front to cut my cover piece to fit and then I used the Hello Spring line of Doodlebug products that matched each other to make it beautiful & fun.  It is so easy to use a theme set from Doodlebug because they have cute cuts, icons, 12 by 12 paper, fancy frills and more that coordinate and make it so fun to create something with!

My Plan to make Beautiful Things & Blog about it

Yes, I am STILL here

I obviously am so nervous about this blogging thing that I am struggling to get started. I have a huge knowledge void on how to get the ideas, photos, outside inspiration from there (wherever it is) to here! I have had many thoughts and there are some fun things I am looking forward to sharing with you, like:
* Doors I have decorated for Teacher & Staff Appreciation
* Fun little notes I made for a retreat I went on with my Sit n Chat friends
* Redo of a hanging cork/chalkboard/wall file using my loved Doodlebug products
* A Valentines Day Sweet Treats Candy Store I did for a family Valentines’ party
* The idea of sending love via mail or delivering personally once every day for a year
* Redo of a store-bought organizer using beloved Doodlebug products
* Ideas I have used to say Thank You to my fellow PTA Board members
* My version of an O”fish”ally the Best! treat
As you can see from my list I do have things I want to share and I WILL as soon as my courage increases, my knowledge grows and I begin!