Appreciation Matters! Day 4

You are one in a "Melon"! Thanks for planting "seeds" of healthy eating in the students of our school!

You are one in a “Melon”! Thanks for planting “seeds” of healthy eating in the students of our school!

For our Lunch Ladies Appreciation Week  I had these wooden plaques that looked like a seed packet.  I had watermelon ones so I played off of the “melon” and the idea of “seeds”.  I actually wrote the message on the back of each plaque and then put it in a cello bag with some paper scrunchies and tied with a pretty bow.  A thank you does not have to be elaborate – remember it’s the Thank You that counts.  I got these on clearance at my local craft store – keep your eyes open for things you could use for thank you’s and buy them when they are on sale.  Did you think of someone to thank – I sure hope so! And I hope your thank you is on its way to your intended receiver.!  Doesn’t it feel great to express thanks!

Appreciation Matters! Day 1

One way to add beauty and sunshine to the world is to let others know you appreciate them!  And when I say Others I mean anyone who does anything that adds beauty and sunshine to your life or the lives of those you love.  At our elementary school we have MANY people to appreciate and thank for their efforts in adding to the greatness of our school.  This next week I will be posting once a day and sharing with you a fun & clever way I have appreciated some of the wonderful people at our school.  They range from lunch workers, to aides, to the janitors, etc.  The PTA at our school assigned Appreciation weeks to each group of people who help at the school e.g. Lunch Ladies Week, Educational Support Professionals Week, and Janitorial Staff Week and so on.  So day 1 of Appreciation Matters! post –

There's nothing "mini" about how we feel about you - you are A"m"azing "&" "m"arvelous!!

There’s nothing “mini” about how we feel about you – you are A”m”azing “&” “m”arvelous!!

This was made for the Lunch Ladies at our school. It was simple and fast. I used only yellow & blue m&m’s because those are our school colors.  The message was written on the back of the blue circle.  I added a white m to the blue circle to make it look like an m&m.  Any color could work, I chose according to our school colors.  The cello tubes were purchased through Stampin’ Up! but a bag for a single pretzel rod could work as well.  See how a saying and a treat can add fun to a thank you!!