Message Center is DONE!

Here is the finished project! I wrote on the chalkboard with a Chalk Pen – I used one of my favorite, motivating quotes. And the cute bunting was fun to make – obviously I used daisies and yellow 🙂

So, here it is – the Message Center you have heard so much about.  I bought this at Savers for $10 and I have had so much fun “Cute”ing it up!  I will add a close-up and how-to on the bunting later ! Now you have something to look forward too. 🙂 Almost more exciting than Christmas – jk.  The bottom part was pretty hammered so I bought a chalkboard piece of vinyl and cut it to size and put it on.  The piece of vinyl was 12″ by 18” and had adhesive on the back.  I picked it up at Pebbles in my pocket.  The quote was seen on Facebook and I liked it.  I do Commit to living up to the Spirit within me!  I hope you will commit to doing so too!  When we all live up to the Spirit within US we give others permission to live up to the Spirit within them,  Couldn’t the world benefit from us all doing so?!?!!!

Magnet Trio & mini Chalkboard Eraser

This trio of magnets and mini chalkboard eraser came with the Message Center I mentioned that I got from Savers. The bottom portion of it is a magnetic chalkboard that needed some touching up. The magnets were plain white wooden circles. As you can see I “cute”d them up with doodlebug stuff!

Using brads, paper, stickers, buttons, twine,and etc I was successful at “Cute”ing up these essential items for my Message Center.  I found the circles easy to decorate as they were 1 1/4″ circles.  I was able to use a circle punch to add details to them.  I decided the eraser needed to be cute on the front and not the top because the front is what is seen more.  So I used a fun fancy frill and a icon in yellow and green  in keeping with my color scheme.  After punching a 1/8” inch hole on either side of the oval icon I threaded some thin ribbon through the holes and then knotted the ribbon on top of the sticker.  See photo to get this. 🙂  I love daisies as my blog says so when I “cute” things up they usually factor in somewhere along with my favorite color yellow!  I sure hope when you make cute, beautiful things to add to your life that you include your favorite colors and things!!  I will be posting soon a picture of the completed message center – mini bunting and all!!